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Iris laevigata 'Variegata'
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Flower ColorPurple.  Standards: purple-blue. Falls: purple-blue with long narrow white signal.
Flower Shape and StructureNotes. Beardless. Standards: erect, small. Falls: pendant, large.
Flower Size1-3 inches
Bloom TimeMay, June, July
FoliageLeaf, Variegated, Other interest.  Wide cream/white stripes. Leaves to 16" long.
Plant typePerennial.  Rhizome.
Habit and FormUpright/Vase-shaped, Clumping
Height2-4 feet
Spread2-4 feet
Water RequirementsAmple moisture
Light RequirementsFull Sun
Soil ConditionsAcid, Moderately Fertile. Acid to neutral.
Additional FeaturesPlants to attract wildlife
Additional CommentsNotes. Laevigatae Group
Horticultural UsesWill naturalize. Near pond, stream, wet border. Good cut flowers.
Award WinnerRHS Award of Garden Merit